Saturday, August 26, 2006

How to find bad medias/tapes

Keep checking this file for any new entries


Also keep a watch on /var/adm/messages, if u suspect such issues.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seems like this blog will swell up in this stint at netbackup.

Heres a real good script/command to find the first file contained in a image:

bpflist -U -d $1 -client $3 -backupid $i -rl 10 |sed 's/.*P=\(.*\)D=.*/\1/;'|egrep '^\/'|sed 1q

Inputs required 1. start date 2. end date 3. client name and 4. backup type.

Credits to Sto Rage for the inputs on veritas-bu list.

Its worth joining the veritas-bu mailing list

To delete vxfiVspCacheFile_0.tmp files created in windows while backing up open files.

This technote from Symantec is helpful.

This technote uses a third party tool

for deleting the file.

The other way to remove this file is to reboot the server. We have had cache files upto 23 GB i a drive virtually threatenning to crash the application.

Slow backups are always a concern, they load the netbackup system and put all plans in a jeopardy.

These technotes are all related to troubleshooting slow backups, take a look at all of them before beginning a long journey

Sunday, August 20, 2006

One more link with amazing netbackup commands

These also include some awk/sort/uniq pipes to get the most out of the netbackup cli.

A real Good Netbackup Link

This link contains a brief description of useful netbackup commands.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Changing the media speed settings of your p570/p520 nic.

Bring the interface down

ifconfig en0 down;

Detach the driver

ifconfig en0 detach;

Change charecs of the interface

chdev -l 'ent0' -a media_speed='100_Full_Duplex'

Using Smitty : do the following ->

smitty chdev
-> Communication
Then adapter - etc and change 'media speed' by selecting with F4

ifconfig en0 attach;

ifconfig en0 up;