Friday, September 05, 2008

Google Chrome - The new browser from the pillar of the internet

This blog mostly has stuff on SAN, Storage and Unix. For a change I thought of writing about the latest browser from Google. Titled "Chrome".

You can read about the features and download the browser here

I read that it was made with code from open source projects like Apple's Webkit and Mozilla's firefox.

whats different??

1. If you open task manager then you would see atleast 1 process for each TAB you open. This seems to protect from crashes in a TAB. Normally firefox would crash if you open a rouge site in a tab, the whole browser app would crash. With chrome its just the TAB that would crash.

2. Incognito window for browsing site which you do not want appear in the histroy. This is a good feature for cyber cafe's. Users can use this feature to avoid browsing history to be safe from other users.

3.  You can enable google gears, this will help you with enhanced browsing experience for sites which use this feature. Gears helps the coder to interact with apps installed on your desktop. I found the sites using gear to be very user friendly but still wonder how gears helps them. Check this website to plan tasks.

Presumably this uses gears.

If you are worried about google intruding privacy then click on settings and turn of the feedback option.

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At 1:17 AM, Blogger Lithium said...

Hey, heard dat it won't run on certain Java applets.

Especially those games that uses it. Else it is alright.

At 12:22 AM, Blogger deepak said...

Can you explain physical connection in LSAN ? DO we need the FRU blde in both fabric and what is connection between them? How to configure the ports ? I amsure no ISL ports ? and for large number os LSAN's is TRUNK possible?


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