Sunday, March 04, 2007

What is qtree?? And how is it different from a directory??

Ans : A qtree is a special subdirectory under the root volume directory.

For example if /vol/vol04nas1 is the ROOT volume directory, and a qtree training is created in it, we can refer to the qtree by traversing the following path.


A qtree is different from the traditional directory on a Unix system in many ways including

1. A qtree can be assigned a security style. We can create a qtree with Unix, NT or mixed security style.

2. CIFS oplocks can be enabled on the qtree. CIFS oplocks help the client to buffer data locally, performing read ahead from an open file. The nature of buffering depends on the nature of oplocks granted.

3. We can set disk space & file limits at qtree level, allowing control over resource allocation to multiple projects.

Say we have 3 departments, finance, HR, sales and each function has separate qtree's. We can then assign 20 GB to sales, 100 GB to HR, since it contains training videos e.t.c. and 75 GB to finance.