Saturday, September 01, 2007

EMC ILM Products
ILM - Information Lifecycle Management, very few companies have managed to go beyond learning the meaning of the 3 letters. The very fact that ILM seems to sound like a management function keeps techies out of this interesting subject.
ILM can be categorised into the following activities
  • Tiering of storage.
  • File and asset discovery.
  • Record Management.
  • Email Management.
This article focusses on some of EMC's ILM products that help you acheive this

Tiering of storage.
EMC's flagship storage resource management (SRM) product ECC combined with StoragScope helps acheive this objective. Each company can define its own tiers. The tiers could be within the same storage or spread across mid tier, NAS solutions and tape.

File and asset discovery.
ECC + StorageScope + File Level Reporting (license) = File level discovery.
Know which type of files are occupying more space OR if there are duplicates e.t.c. with options of pre defined or custom reports.

Record Management.
DiskXtender helps define rules for automatic policy based movement of files to
FixedContentStorage (CAS)
Or Tape
You can therefore use DiskXtender to move files never used for more than a month to a lower cost storage and thus save upgrades on your primary storage.

Email Management.
EmailXtender helps realtime record of to and fro email traffic across all your email servers. EmailXtender components - EmailXtract - EmailXaminer e.t.c. help you archive old mails in PST and also do automated tagging of objectionable content.
EmailXtender combined with DiskXtender can help in reducing primary storage requirements for Messaging solutions.


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