Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Configuring QLogic (2340) on Solaris (sparc)

Well I aint gonna discuss, howto install a qlogic card on solaris but just howto configure and give visibilty for a set of LUN's. We will use the "SanSurfer CLI utilities" or "scli" for easily setting up persistent binding of LUNS to a particular HBA.

I found that configuring a Qlogic was really easy, compared to JNI and FCAW cards. But hey I never regret working on those since I learnt quite a few fundas abt SAN working on them. The more primitive the technology the more u learn (not always though).

First Task : Install SANsurfer FC HBA CLI for Solaris SPARC

Download the qlogic cli utilities for Solaris Sparc from

$ uncompress scli-1.06.16-38.SPARC-X86.Solaris.pkg.Z
$ pkgadd -d ./scli-1.06.16-38.SPARC-X86.Solaris.pkg

Second Task : Connect the storage JBOD/Array via FC

Third Task : Find the instance of qlogic card connected to the desired storage.

$ cat /etc/path_to_inst|grep ql

Here I found that the instance is zero.

Fourth Task : Checking and Configuring

$ scli -t 0

HBA Port 0 - QLA2340 OS: 0 Port Name: 21-00-00-E0-8B-1C-A9-9A Port Id: 00-00-E8
Path : 0
Target : 0
Device ID : 0x00
Port ID : 00-00-EF
Product Vendor : NEXSAN
Product ID : ATAbeastF
Product Revision : 8239
Node Name : 20-03-00-04-02-E8-0C-FE
Port Name : 50-00-40-20-03-E8-0C-FE
Product Type : Disk
Number of LUN(s) : 5
Target OS Name :
Status : Online
Now run the foll command

$ scli -p 0 20-03-00-04-02-E8-0C-FE 50-00-40-20-03-E8-0C-FE 00-00-EF 0
Info: Running dynamic update, please wait...

Configuration saved on HBA port 0. Changes have been saved to persistent storage.

$ scli -p

$ scli -p

Check the binding

$ scli -p 0 view

HBA Port 0 - QLA2340 OS: 0 Port Name: 21-00-00-E0-8B-1C-A9-9A Port Id: 00-00-E8
Bind Type Device Node Name Device Port Name Port ID ID
---- ------- ----------------------- ----------------------- -------- ---
Yes Disk 20-03-00-04-02-E8-0C-FE 50-00-40-20-03-E8-0C-FE 00-00-EF 0

Thats it voila, run echo | format to see the new LUNS in format.

26. c3t0d0 
27. c3t0d1
28. c3t0d3
29. c3t0d4
30. c3t0d25

Post your queries as comments.


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